My cover design process (or what you’ll be paying for)

Generally, at the outset, I ask the client for a detailed brief of what they’re after. This might consist of a title, specific image elements they have in mind, or a passage from their story, or a cover design they might have seen elsewhere, or perhaps they have seen one of my pre-mades.

Once I have those details, I will create 1-2 draft cover designs within 1-2 days and send them back to the author or publisher for consideration.

All my designs use Creative Commons (CC0) and/or public domain imagery that I then alter/manipulate into the overall design.

Hopefully, you’ll like one of the designs and I will proceed with finalising the eBook cover. If you are at the paperback wrap stage, I’ll ask you for a template from Amazon or Ingram, or if you can’t supply those, the specifications of the book (i.e. the book type (paperback or hard cover), page count, book dimensions, paper type etc) and I will use that to create or download a template. I’ll then create the full paperback wrap and send it to you as a PDF that can be uploaded to your preferred printer.

Please note that I do not supply my working Photoshop files. Essentially what you’re paying for is my time and expertise in getting your book cover “print-ready” for publication. I will make any changes needed as part of my service, even if you won’t be ready for a paperback wrap for some time (you can always get back to me).

Regarding pre-mades: these can be purchased as they are, either with or without text for $150. Further work on a pre-made will naturally cost extra.

Thanks for your understanding.