Feedback from some of my clients:

nightmare-island“Greg Chapman’s cover for Welcome to Nightmare Island is phenomenal! I told him what I wanted and he had an amazing cover ready for me overnight. He was open to any revisions I had and exceeded all expectations. Whoever said not to judge a book by its cover has not seen Greg Chapman’s work!” – Devin Cabrera, author of Welcome to Nightmare Island



churn-the-soilB“I’ve worked with Greg on several projects now and his attention to detail is just phenomenal. He’s a talented writer in his own right, so that helps out big time when you’re suggesting something or when describing what your story is about. I can’t recommend Greg’s work enough and I’ll definitely be working with him again in the future!” – Steve Stred, Splatterpunk-nominated author. Author of An Endless Darkness: the Novellas and Churn the Soil



bad-book-v7b“Greg Chapman is one of the most essential artists working in publishing today. His book covers and illustrations are always done in a timely manner and his willingness to work closely with his clients to achieve the desired result makes the process not just smooth but enjoyable and exciting. Greg’s artistic vision conjures forth what is in the imagination and brings it to the page.” — D. Alexander Ward, author and owner of Bleeding Edge Books



hidden-keystone“Greg Chapman has a rare talent for taking an author’s brief and a handful of sample images and turning them into a book cover that far exceeded expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the covers he’s designed for my books.” – Nathan Burrage, author of Almost Human and The Hidden Keystone



Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 5.34.11 am“Greg is a go-to artist I seek out when looking for covers for both my books and books for my publishing company. He is great to work with, his art is amazing, and he never fails to deliver a quality cover that catches the eye. I will continue to commission Greg for cover art.” Cody L., Timber Ghost Press


GRAYS-ANATOMY-NEWGreg Chapman’s work is phenomenal! His art really makes book covers really pop and he is very easy to talk to and work with. We here are Splatter Ink Publishing are so glad to be working with such a multi-talented person. Highly Recommend his work”  Nick Gray, owner of Splatter Ink Publishing



patrick-luther-v2“I cannot say enough about working with Greg. I came to him with a cover concept for my first horror novel, and he turned it into a beautiful and stunning work of art that I could not be more proud of. His pricing was more than reasonable, and he had my cover finished in merely a few days. More importantly, he’s very personable and has no problems fine-tuning anything to get you the exact cover you want. Greg is an absolute joy to work with and is clearly passionate about what he does. When it comes to horror cover art, you need look no further!” Patrick Luther, author of The Curse of House Corbant


hwalogo_400x400“Greg Chapman is one of HWA’s most valuable secret weapons. His range of art skills is astonishing – need a book cover? It’s done overnight. Cartoons for the newsletter? Check. Graphics for a website? Aced in record time. He’s a joy to work with, always on time and to the right specs. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone…provided it doesn’t take time away from his work for HWA!” Lisa Morton, Past President, Horror Writers Association


“IFWG Publishing has had a long association with Greg, where he has contributed cover art (and design in some cases) for our ezine covers, as well as important titles. We can’t help but return to him, as he grasps quickly the tone and purpose of our artwork requirements, and listens to us. For our future titles, we will always have Greg’s talent in scope for that rare ability to capture the essence of horror with his brush strokes.” Gerry Huntman, Managing Director, IFWG Publishing


“Greg Chapman’s cover for ‘The Body Horror Book’ is a superior artistic achievement. Greg has set a new benchmark for cover design – not only because he physically created the cover, but also because he knew exactly what I wanted and delivered something that exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend his talent and expertise to anyone looking for a quality cover by an amazing talent. A true standout in Australian horror. I can’t wait to see what he creates next.”  Publisher, Claire Fitzpatrick, Oscillate Wildly Press


“Greg Chapman is a highly skilled artist, who develops conceptual designs quickly, and makes a concerted effort to get the finished product done right, all for a very reasonable cost.” John W. Dennehy, author of Pacific Rising and Ice Storm


“Greg Chapman is, simply put, amazing. The consummate professional one would wish every creative-for-hire to be, a high-level balance of talent, timeliness, charm, and imagination. Highly recommended.” Eric J. Guignard, Author, Editor, and Publisher of Dark Moon Books


“In the course of our working relationship, Greg has proved to not only be a consummate professional but an extremely imaginative and talented artist. He helps bring my words to life and has an uncanny ability to deliver the perfect piece of art for any given occasion.”  Chris Saunders, author of Apartment 14F: An Oriental Ghost Story


“Greg is my go-to horror cover artist. He created the cover for my YA novel, THE SKIN FACTORY, and a couple others which have yet to be released, including THIS IS THE HOUSE and DOG FIGHT. Greg is easy to work with, kind, and delivers every single time! Hands down, my favorite horror cover artist.” Lucas Pederson, author of
The Skin Factory


“Greg Chapman is the best—an easy to work with, inexpensive, excellent artist! I’m so happy with the work he did for my collection.” Patrick Freivald, author of In the Garden of Rusting Gods and Murmur



“To date, I have five titles bearing spectacular Greg Chapman cover art, and every one a favourite, because Chapman’s interpretations are always sharp, provocative, and on theme. Perhaps it is the fact that the artist is also a writer, which allows him to grasp the vital essence of any book, capturing that inner spirit and wrapping it in his dark magic with designs that resonate, draw us in, and demand that we turn the page.” — Lee Murray, award-winning author-editor of Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women


“Rapid and surefire turnaround – someone who will listen closely to your requirements to achieve the best results. As an artist, Greg Chapman is a workhorse when it comes to the craft. Someone who lives by it– not as a vocation – but as a way of life. Over the years, working with Greg Chapman has been one of the highlights of my creative life.” Matthew Tait, author of Providence Place



“Greg Chapman was an absolute pleasure to work with. The cover he designed for my poetry collection The Man Who Married Death was original, well done, and matched the collection’s ambience perfectly. More incredibly, it was done in less than two weeks! Greg was very cooperative, answering all my questions and accepting my input. I really appreciated how he waited for my confirmation at every step in the design process. I would definitely recommend Greg to anyone wanting a killer cover!” Amy Langevin, author of The Man Who Married Death


“Greg is a highly skilled and fast working artist. As a horror writer himself, he holds a clear understanding of the genre, and what images will excite fans and represent the client’s work. I was very pleased with the result, and small changes were made efficiently and at a very reasonable cost.” Stefan Taylor, author of Beyond the Boundary Fence


IMG_20190130_131908 (2)“After Greg produced the stunning cover for my debut novella, The Balance, I knew I would want to work with him again in the future. I went to him with a title and a very vague concept for my short story collection and with very few revisions, he absolutely knocked it out of the park, giving me something that captured the mood of the work perfectly. I’m certain we’ll work together again in the future.”

Kev Harrison, author of The Balance and Paths Best Left Untrodden


red-rain-text2“This is the fifth time I’ve used Greg now. He was recommended through my editor and I’ve never looked back. Talented and professional and each cover he has provided has been rich in colour and imaginative. I would recommend him to any author looking for a book designer.” – Mark McGahan, author of the Red Rain Chronicles, Dark Obsession and 3 Flavours of Horror